Truck Stop Sushi Mastered!

One of the last stages to make the recordings sound their best is the mastering process.After laying down the Tracks and mixing them to where they sonincally represent what you hear as the artist, you then get them mastered . It's like pulling that clear film off of a new phone or iPad . the brilliance and sheen of clarity should be apparent in this final step. For our latest release- Truck Stop Sushi , we were able to not only get the famous Jim Salamone from Cambrige studios to record,mix and Master the first track on the record - Saturn Girl - but also the fantastic Deniis Drake ( Polygram/Mercury records) over at the Music Lab to finish the tracks and prep the whole RSP offering for its final step of manufacturing for the Vinyl record. We'll keep you posted as we finish up the Artwork and then send this baby out-
Thanks for the support!