“With BritPop influences mixed with Florida/Tom Petty styles, Phoenix really is a special album. This is a band that has something to say and they say it well. From beginning to end each element is in place and balanced. Combined, it’s an easy, intricate, enlightening journey. Complex, intelligent and heartfelt, Roi and the Secret People’s 2nd album Phoenix is a must-have fresh rock album that is sure to remain on your favorites list for a very long time. Very Highly Recommended.” ”

— - Rust Magazine

Roi and the Secret People are a high energy original Alt/Rock band out of the Lehigh Valley, Pa. area. Their upbeat music is a blend of indie, classic and hard rock from both sides of the pond with hints to a southern feel. 

Gigging mostly in the tri state area while playing through their catalog of 4 released records and multiple singles of original songs, Roi and the Secret People are also known for some unexpected covers sprinkled in their live show ranging from David Bowie to Joss Stone. 

The current lineup features Mike Roi on lead vocals, Ed Golden on guitars, Madelaine Elizabeth on vocals, keys and violin, Pete Ciccone on drums and AJ Sigfried on bass. 

Their last two singles GOLDEN and Life is Happening are now available on all digital platforms. You can find their entire music catalog on the website:

Their single GOLDEN has had some traction here in the USA and abroad on both FM and internet radio, with the guitar driven, upbeat rock song being played extensively in the US, Britain, Ireland, Australian, German and Asian markets.

The indie films “Ceresia, Dead and Deadish and the award winning Love in Absentia have included the RSP songs O’Love, Hungry and Nancy.

You can find their latest music video for Golden on youtube.

Roi and the Secret People - Golden (Official Video)

Past shows in 2022/23 saw RSP in supporting slots for bands such as the the Smithereens, the Quireboys, Enuff Z’Nuff, Spread Eagle, the Midnight Devils, Pretty Boy Floyd, George Becker and a sold out show in NJ with actor/musician Corey Feldman. Festivals that year and in the past included the band at Musikfest, Baconfest, Easton Rocks, Libertyfest, Make Music NYC and countless other smaller events and clubs.

Over the years the band has won several awards in the Lehigh Valley area notably for “Outstanding Rock Band, All Around Performer, Soloist and lastly, Music Educator”. The band has also had multiple appearances on the WFMZ channel 69 monday morning news show.

Roi and the secret People are currently working out of Westwires Recording USA with Award winning producer Wayne Becker on their latest full length record “Golden” that is projected to be released in early 2024.

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"Roi and the Secret People have found their unique niche of music! The musical complexities coupled with storytelling lyrics results in an aurally pleasing and mentally satisfying collection of songs that are true artwork." 

-Steel Notes magazine, Josie Janice- review for Truck Stop Sushi


"Arizona" -- which was originally recorded for RSP's 2008 debut LP Dog St. -- snarls and sizzles on the strength of crunchy guitars, as front-man Mike Roi put his pipes to the test, belting out a infectiously catchy chorus. "Drove all night just to get to Arizona, drove all night just to get to you," Roi howls as the rest of the band slams down the accelerator. 
Dusin Schoof- Dustinschoof.com nov.2016


“Roi & The Secret People is an interesting rock band that's got a very jam oriented vibe/feel to what they do...they remind me of The Black Crowes a lot, on a musical level, I can hear a little bit o' The Allman Brothers, Mountain, & what they do is very reminiscent of the 70's era of rock n roll where guitar solo's, groove & "vibe" are all that matters...there's no slick production here, no extreme pro-tool cut & paste, it's all about the sound, the vibe & the essence....this is good music that you could totally crank up in headphones while passing the proverbial "peace pipe" if you know what I mean....it's good, old school rock n roll, & some of the bands members are famous in their own right.” 
- Rock n Roll Experience Magazine


 “Phoenix: Where the hell have I been? I regret not knowing this guy sooner - he is a treasure, Easton, and you better drink him up because with a sound like this he may not be yours for long. This Phoenix is my new favorite Phoenix - jumping ahead of the band Phoenix, The Dark Phoenix Saga. and the University of Phoenix Online (Let's Get to Work!). This polished album sounds like a Nick Lowe produced Elvis Costello LP but with more joy and less anger. He has teamed up with four amazing local musicians including Dan DeChellis on piano, Randy Melick on guitar, Dave Baun on bass, and Craig Martyn on drums to reform his NYC band Roi and the Secret People. His voice is magnetic, like the only best parts of Tom Petty's DNA mixed with an angel's. He deftly glides through soulful lyrics; I would rank him amongst the best lyricists in the Indie scene today. Highlights include "Sweet Maria," "Drive," and "Burnout." Mark my words: Mike Roi is destined for great things.” 

- Ryan Woodring, The Elucidator